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 class PlayerHand
          A hand of cards belonging to a player.

Methods in blackjackanalyst with parameters of type Hand
 void TableObserver.dealerBlackjack(Hand dealer_hand)
          This method is invoked when the dealer reveals its down card and receives a blackjack.
 void TableObserver.dealerBusts(Hand dealer_hand)
          This method is invoked when the dealer busts.
 void TableObserver.dealerDealt(Card down_card, Hand dealer_hand)
          This method is invoked when the dealer reveals its down card and does not receive a blackjack.
 void TableObserver.dealerDraws(Card dealt_card, Hand new_hand)
          This method is invoked when the dealer hits and is drawn a new card.
 void TableObserver.dealerStands(Hand dealer_hand)
          This method is invoked when the dealer stands.
 DealerStrategy.DealerStrategyAction DealerStrategy.getAction(Hand dealer_hand)
          Returns the proper action, given the current hand.

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Methods in with parameters of type Hand
 void WinLossTableObserver.dealerBlackjack(Hand dealer_hand)
 void ConsoleTableObserver.dealerBlackjack(Hand dealer_hand)
 void AbstractTableObserver.dealerBlackjack(Hand dealer_hand)
 void WinLossTableObserver.dealerBusts(Hand dealer_hand)
 void ConsoleTableObserver.dealerBusts(Hand dealer_hand)
 void AbstractTableObserver.dealerBusts(Hand dealer_hand)
 void WinLossTableObserver.dealerDealt(Card down_card, Hand dealer_hand)
 void ConsoleTableObserver.dealerDealt(Card down_card, Hand dealer_hand)
 void AbstractTableObserver.dealerDealt(Card down_card, Hand dealer_hand)
 void WinLossTableObserver.dealerDraws(Card dealt_card, Hand new_hand)
 void ConsoleTableObserver.dealerDraws(Card dealt_card, Hand new_hand)
 void AbstractTableObserver.dealerDraws(Card dealt_card, Hand new_hand)
 void WinLossTableObserver.dealerStands(Hand dealer_hand)
 void ConsoleTableObserver.dealerStands(Hand dealer_hand)
 void AbstractTableObserver.dealerStands(Hand dealer_hand)

Uses of Hand in blackjackanalyst.strategy

Methods in blackjackanalyst.strategy with parameters of type Hand
 DealerStrategy.DealerStrategyAction DefaultDealer.getAction(Hand dealer_hand)