Package blackjackanalyst

Interface Summary
DealerStrategy An interface to be implemented by a user-defined dealer strategy.
PlayerObserver An interface that allows observation of a player.
PlayerStrategy An interface to be implemented by a user-defined player strategy.
TableObserver An interface that allows neutral observation of the table.

Class Summary
Card A card, specified by its rank and suit.
Hand A hand of cards.
ObserverList<T> A list of observers.
Player A player at a blackjack table.
PlayerHand A hand of cards belonging to a player.
Table A blackjack table.

Enum Summary
Card.Rank The rank of a card.
Card.Suit The suit of a card.
DealerStrategy.DealerStrategyAction The possible dealer actions, which are simply hit and stand.
PlayerStrategy.PlayerStrategyAction The possible player actions, which are hit, stand, double down, and split.